Girls : Butt plug/anal toys users...

For the girlies amongst you, I have just bought one of these..

What position do you usually take when using one? / what other toys did you find suitable? say a bit bigger than this, maybe a bit later I will graduate to something slightly bigger?



When I first started using plugs, I found lying on my side was the best way. It means I was quite relaxed, and could easily reach round. I started with something a similar size to the one you've bought, but quickly graduated!

My main advice? Lube, lube, lube! Tease with a finger or two first just to get warmed up.

After my first small plug I moved on to a gorgeous smooth glass plug, one of my favourite putchases ever. I didn't get in at LH as it was in a sale in a local sex shop, but it is very similar to this:

the smoothness really helps with getting used to the slightly larger size, and the weight means it feels entirely different to plastic/jelly/silicone - in a good way!!

Hope that helps :)

A lot of the guides for male prostate toys also recommend lying on your side, relaxed with knees bent.

For solo play I like lying back against several large cushions. I place more large cushions under my legs. I position the toy so that the bottom end presses against the mattress (and perhaps a towel as well). I position the tip of the toy against my anus and slowly bear down. In some cases I arrange it that the towel can be used to stop the toy slipping any further and I have something to push against.

This is one I like:

Jake of Facts and Friction wrote:

A lot of the guides for male prostate toys also recommend lying on your side, relaxed with knees bent.

This works quite well alright. Either that, or lie on your back with a pillow or two underneath you. Its easier to relax in that position.

My first ever anal experience was full on with a HUGE cock and therefore a tad painful. That was several years ago tho so best leave that be. NOW however I really do enjoy it (right company makes all the difference!) - I use a wired bullet (lubed) as i LOVE vibrations and patterns (esp patterns) and sometimes go on with my not too girthy lovely dildo (seduex I think). If using wired bullet then I'm sat up (probably more like down, if you see what I mean?) against beanbag. If I'm using my dildo then I'll be in the 'riding' position (on top) - bit of lube and it slides in luverly!! The dildo only comes out to play when I'm insanely horny and very much in the mood - quite often the bullet will be enough.

I definately agree with other posts - lube is the way to go! Having said that I've never used 1 of the specialist anal lubes - just regular lube (ky or durex tingle - the best!) works just fine for me!!

Have fun in your experimenting - if you like vibes in general then you just might like trying vibrating butt plugs or something!! D69x

so do you always use the loo before you even put a small butt plug in/dildo?

Say you were in the middle of it, then realised you hadnt been to the loo and wanted some butt action! haha what would you do lol

go and wash its polite really

My friend will only ever use her anal toys if she has been to the loo 1 hour or so before, Myself i can judge the moment and go before . lol. Then allso clean them before they get put away