Girthy rabbit needed.

Hey all

I'm not going to pretend, but I'm size fan. I love the thickness of the realistic vibrators and enjoy the sensation of being filled up. What I do miss is the clit stimulation. Does anyone have any recommendations for a girthy rabbit I can try?

Thank you.

I can't think of any rabbit that's especially girthy but why don't you use a clitoral toy while using a big dildo? this may be the best solution as rabbits can be tricky (they don't fit all bodies) and there doesn't seem to beespecially big ones. You could choose the kind of stimulation you want for clit as well as vaginal stimulation instead of going for something that offers both but don't necesserely offer what you want/need

How about this one? It might not be exactly what you're looking for but it could do the trick.

That's a good idea. Thanks. Any suggestions?

I think you have to pump it whilst inside. I like the challenge of getting a thick one in though!

Hi there, I had a quick look, and these are quite girthy :) xx

Scorpius12 wrote:

I was going to recommend these too ^^

If you like triple stimulation, the Triple Dream Rabbit is also pretty girthy.

Great recommendations ladies. I'm going to look in to it. Thank you.

Why not try adding this;

to your existing one? even shows you the idea in the video, just a thought, and I'm sure it will stretch enough

Oh quiet ones has a great idea here