Giving Head!

Hi everybody what to you prefer giving or receiving oral?

Well Mr Smith, that's a hard one (excuse the pun) I absolutely love both and couldn't do without either!

giving is nice and so is receiving, but if you give you expect to receive as well so not one without the other i'm afraid

I would personally love to have the missus to give head head, and I be munching inbetween her legs at the sametime :) but I find that fair if you both give oral at the sametime.

Love giving, love receiving... probably love giving more!

Love giving xx

I'm not a fan of receiving.

Really enjoy giving and receiving at the same time! Anyone else the same?

GymJunki3 wrote:

Really enjoy giving and receiving at the same time! Anyone else the same?

Oh yes although I find it hard to concentrate! :P

I like to give more than receive, but giving and receiving at the same time is amazing, I will admit.

It's probably the only time I can multi-task...

MissBoo-agreed :)

Love giving and receving !!!!!!!!!

Love giving and receving !!!!!!!!!

Both like to give and recieve! yum

I love both, at the same time! But if I had to choose it would be giving!

x x x

I personally love to give and recieve, but not at the same time. I love to lie between her legs and lick and nibble her vagina lips until they are open, and then insert my fingers whilst tongueing her swollen clitoris. She is absolutely out of it by then. Its fantastic to be able to give her so much pleasure.

When its her turn, I lie on my back and she lubes up my prick and gently masturbates me, then she goes down on me until I cum usually over her breasts or stomach. Part of the enjoyment is watching her whlie she works on my prick....ah heaven!!

We have been seeing each other for the past eight months, so everything is pretty new. We have bought some toys which we both enjoy.

We dont live together, but we see each other on a regular basis. I`m due to see her tomorrow and we`ll be together for the weekend. Cant wait. Love the forum and love LoveHoney xxxxx

I absolutely love giving and could do it all day, not too keen on receiving but I wouldn't say no :)

enjoy both, but love giving.

so long as both enjoy whats happening guess it doesnt really matter

i enjoy recieiving more if im giving it at the same time, it makes me hornier knwoing im turning my bloke on and therefore i give better head.... knowing hes a happy chappy makes me a happy girl

you have got to give to recieve is my moto i love both