Giving instructions

Today me and my gf got into me giving instructions to her over txt purely by accident.

She messaged me from the bedroom and asked if we could have a quickie. So I started messaging her with instructions of what she should wear, what she should do to herself and what position she should wait for me in.

We have been together 7 years and have a good sex life but this was the first time we have done that and we both enjoyed it and she wants to receive more instructions…anyone else do this and what do you instruct?


Have done quite a few times. For me its an extension of dom sub dynamics


Sounds quite fun!

We do this quite regularly, it’s part of our dom sub relationship.

I love him giving me instructions of what to do, things like what lingerie to wear, toys and bondage. And if I don’t do it or do it correctly, I’ll get a spanking :smirk:
I find it such a turn on when he does this.


Glad you enjoyed yourselves.

Definitely sounds interesting. And something I’d try with my oh

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I did it as a joke a few months back, actually wrote my wife a letter which I left on her pillow in an envelope (once the kids were in bed!)

I now air drop the letters to her phone but she’s said she really likes receiving them. I set out what she must wear, what toys she’s to use, what she must do, she’s very obedient and has always followed the instructions to the letter, much to my dissatisfaction :rofl:


Love giving / receiving instructions. Normally have to coax instructions out of my partner for what she wants me to do / wear etc. would love it if she just sent me a few instructions out of the blue.

I love giving instructions to my OH. I remember one evening I had to go out for an errand. I text her saying be in your maid outfit. Blindfold on. On your knees in the bedroom facing the wall. I drove home extremely quickly and she looked amazing.


We do this quite a bit, it’s one of our favorites. As others have said, it seems to be quite a common part of a bit of sub/dom play.

We often message one another with instructions on what to wear, how to wait for the other etc if we are having a sexy (and child free) evening! Last week my wife said she was feeling a bit submissive so I messaged her later in the day and instructed her to put on some of my favorite lingerie with crotchless panties, a blindfold and gag. She lay face down with her hands cuffed behind her back and when I got home I went upstairs and made her my slave for a couple of hours.

Apparently the tables are being turned this week sometime! :stuck_out_tongue: