Giving oral with new dental plate

I have recently been fitted with a charming dental plate to hold a false tooth in place for the next few months before I get a bridge fitted. It's a front tooth at the top.

My problem is that since this now covers part of the roof of my mouth I don't get the same feeling when giving a guy oral. Can guys feel the difference? I haven't asked him yet as I haven't told him about my false tooth, lol.

I can't take it out as i think the teeth on either side of the gap may dig in.

i gave head to someone with mine in (waiting for bridge too grrrr)

he didnt feel a thing

i asked him after lol

Thanks. Only a few months to wait then it's back to normal, lol.

Have no expeirence of this, but when we were in Amsterdam recently there was a woman in the red light area who had no teeth whatsoever and promised the blow job ever. ?

Yea I had the exact same thing.....

At the time, I was a teen... So I just didn't give head and made some excuse... But then I had the bridges put it and it boosted my confidence and I, happily, give head now.

Honestly, on hindsight, I shouldn't have been so conscious because I don't think the person would know. You can always talk to him about it. Sorry I can't be more helpful than that :(.

Ive heard that before mistress even seen it commented in a few movies no teeth best blow job. If its true i have no idea! Sorry to original poster no experence here.