Glass dildos?

My OH isnt too sure on using glass dildos, we are both very open to many many things but this is one thing which she says she really unsure of, when i asked why she only brought up the possibility of them breaking and that makes her really uneasy.

however i know she would like the feeling fo the warm and cold dildo inside her, any tips or possible toys that any girls specifically liked and is easy and comfortable to use?

Thanks very much people =) x

the glass babies hard nice to handlre hot or cold and i've dropped ours a few times and they don't seem to break so no worries mate

Hi, FtF, welcome to the forums.

You can find a lot of useful info if you search the threads. should give you some ideas.

Have a look at the rules - and get stuck in!

There's some very tough glass around these days - think car windscreens and glass safety screens.

We've got a ToyJoy Icicles Textured Teaser, it has been dropped, thrown in the toy box in a hurry and all sorts. It has suffered no damage whatsoever, although the paint is starting to wear off in places - fair wear and tear I guess!

lickmadick wrote:

the glass babies hard nice to handlre hot or cold and i've dropped ours a few times and they don't seem to break so no worries mate

That didnt make sense at all sorry ..what i meant was the glass diido's are nice too handle hot or cold and are pretty solid so i don't think you could break one inside your body

I thought the same thing at first (I didn't know about all these things until relatively recently!) but now I've looked into it I really want one :). Get her to read some of the product reviews for them here on LoveHoney- it did the trick for me.

and us too

cheers chipNroll, ive tried telling her about the reinforced glass they use and ive also said that you lot have been telling me about the abuse u give urs =P and shes kinda turning to my way of thinking =D, any favourites of anyones? size isnt really a problem im quite large and she doesnt like small toys x

well we have only got one and its 8 inches long

A lot of them on LH are sold out atm, they're getting popular!

I thought the exact same thing at first, but I even dropped a carrier bag with mine in down the stairs and it stayed intact. Though they're not my favourites, they are gorgeous-looking and still feel good.

I have one like this, though from another site, which is a firm favourite:

(It also has high reviews on here!)

And if you want one that doesn't vibrate, try:

Of course, you can always search for glass dildos on LH and order them by rating or popularity.

Oh, welcome, by the way! x

thanks booties =) hadnt found the 1st vibrating one before, look exactly like the kind of thing she'd like! x

Glass dildos are made from a type of glass that is very hard to shatter. You really do have to properly try and break them, or drop them on something really hard in order to break them.

The human body hasn't got enough strength to break these toys while you use them. It would be really, really unlikely for them to break in use, and I mean extremely unlikely.

However, you do have to make sure you put them down carefully on hard surfaces, because if they chip, you'll have to throw the toy away. Basically this just means, don't lob it about and carefull when cleaning if you have a ceramic or glass sink.

I've just ordered my first glass dildo's - two of them! Can't wait!


Love my glass dildo - it's very tough and has a solid feel to it so can't imagine it breaking unless I roll the car over it!

My first thoughts are "My god! How strong do you girls think your internal muscles are? And how much stronger than glass do you think a guys cock is?" lols

Seriously, the likelihood of a glass dildo breaking inside you is almost not possble. It's gonna feel like a much harder toy inside you, something that doesn't squash but seems to push against your muscles. And yes we have one, yes we've dropped it and no it's still in one piece and apparently still feels great inside her. At least I hope she still enjoys it lols...

yer, just to let u know i agree with the fact that ull have to Mrs. Iron Man or Iron Woman to break one, just asking on advice to convince other half =) i think she'll love it but shes uneasy about inserting glass in her. but shes agreed to let me buy her one =)

It's sort of like how we're afraid of bugs we know can't hurt is.

We are naturally programmed to think of glass as something fragile and sharp, it's an instinctual reaction not to want glass in your lady-bits, methinks.

Honestly, for most girls I know, once you've had glass... ahh...

couple of points - they're mega tough and made out of strong stuff. But saying that, I wouldn't go dropping them on tiled floors ;) I'd also recommend storing them nicely - most of the LF ones come with a nifty black velvet bag, which does double duty in looking divine as well as protecting your beauties.

Secondly, if you want to warm or cool your toy, it's recommended you use warm or cold water to do so - freezing them can be bad for them (and you, remember getting your tongue stuck to an ice lolly?) and please, please don't ever think of microwaving them! Sizzled bits are not fun.

In other news, I find orgasm enhancers work well with glass toys (TC orgasm arousal gel, flower balm etc) as the glass doesn't warm the gel up, which can dull the effect when used with fingers, I find!

Have fun x

we have four glass toys for both anal and vaginal use.

firstly, they look amazing

secondly, yes they are very very solid - so hardly any chance of breakages unless you are careless and drop them on a concrete floor for example - even then you may chip the toy but certainly not shatter it (either way you shouldnt use it thereafter)

being so strong they can be quite 'unforgiving' so take time to get used to them...

definitely to not worry about breakges whlst in use though

Microwaving a glass toy shouldn't actually do anything. I'd be suprised if it even got warm. There aren't any loose molecules in glass so unless you put it in water before you micro, it shouldn't be effected by the microwaves.