Glass toys

What's it like to use glass toys??

I've always been intrigued, they look really pretty but I don't wanna spend money on something that would probably end up as an orniment on my bedside because I don't know what to make of it haha xx

Incredible. You won't regret getting glass and after you probably won't want to have any other type of dildo again! Hot or cold they are really amazing. :) x

Glass is hard and heavy but so smooth and sleek. I personally love mine chilled but loads of people like theirs warmed up - there are so many options with temperature play. You should definitely try glass, this is my favourite . If you don't like it you can always use Lovehoney's returns policy, but I honestly doubt you'd need to. I don' think anyone who has used a glass dildo has ever used it as an ornament only!

bought my first glass dildo a few months ago and did not regret it, prefer it chilled rather than hot.give it a go guarantee you love it

Double post, sorry.

Glass is just completely amazing. If you try it I'm sure you won't be disappointed :)

I love glass toys, they're my absolute favourite :) they're really great, there's so many ways you can use them, chilling them feels amazing but I usually prefer mine warmed up to my body temperature. Putting them in hot water for a few minutes and then using them for a massage or foreplay is fun as well! I'd definitely recommend them. I bought a really textured one to begin with and it took me a while to get used to it and I love it now but wish I'd started off with this one or a similar one. The Crystal Heart one's great too, I bought that recently too and I think it'd be great if you hadn't tried glass before.

Glass is amazing! Personally, I prefer mine to have a curved shaft with a boulbous head to give me firm G-spot stimulation, and some detailing or ridges on the shaft is a nice bonus as well to stimulate the nerves at the entrance of my vagina.

I love mine cold for running over my skin and massages. However, when it comes to getting down and using it I love glass warmed up to body temperature.

You gotta own at least one piece if glass. It feels amazing

Me love glass my abosulate favourite toy in my box have quiet a few bits and want more they are fab this is my all time favourite

Me love glass my abosulate favourite toy in my box have quiet a few bits and want more they are fab this is my all time favourite

Amazing I got one that was on deal of the day and I love it.

Have we convinced you to get one K&C? :)

Mayyybe haha :D I like the look of this one, and obviously I gotta decide soonish coz its gonna be discontinued xx

Bought it!! :D xx

Kinky&Curvy wrote:

Bought it!! :D xx

Cool! Really hope you enjoy it :)