Glory Holes for women

That kind of action would be amazing to try! Whether you were taking your pick of the women, or even putting yourself in there for some pegging action (or the real thing if you prefer) would be a mind blowing experience. Unfortunately I would be way too concerned about STIs to try it, unless it was with ppl I knew who had a clean bill of health, which kind of defeats the whole random stranger vibe. :confused:

If I had a pound for every time I’ve watched glory hole porn, I would be a very rich woman by now haha. Some of us have needs we don’t want to have to explain :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha!! I need to get in on some of these pounds too and start watching more! :joy:

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Buf that will mean less pounds for me :joy:

Wait, when talking about glory holes for women, surely a woman needs to be clear about exactly the kind of pounds she mwans? :joy:


She might get coins inserted into the wrong slots :rofl:


I nearly drowned on Rio, on our wedding anniversary of all days. Thanks for that :joy:

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I have never seen that before. Looks pretty hot if one is into it albeit I can see many doing this against their will or consent if it’s real.