Going completely hair-free 'down there'

Hi all ,

some advice , tips needed please.

Ok so I dont want to wax down there , been there done that and it went horribly wrong. I have just trimmed with my shaver and used nair aferwards. I used the sensitive one as not used it befor. Im quite dissapointed with the results as im still quite bristly .

So what do you use to get completely smooth down below?

I'm sorry to say this, but for me, even when waxing, its quite hard to get fully smooth :(

Just keep it trimmed, exfoliate, and buy a good quality razor. Sorry for rubbish advice!

Itshard for me to be completely smooth :/

I always use oh's Mach 3 razor along with nivea sensitive shaving gel and it seems to get me lovely and smooth - I do it every 2/3 days though. I did read on here somewhere that a little baby oil massaged in afterwards keeps everything soft and smooth down there and helps to prevent shaving rash :)

LH sell an awesome oil for use after shaving.

innocent-fun wrote:

LH sell an awesome oil for use after shaving.

I so want to try this!

Thanks all xx

Never know wrote:

innocent-fun wrote:

LH sell an awesome oil for use after shaving.

I so want to try this!

I definitely recommend it! I have the cream and the oil and love it! Can't imagine shaving without it now.

The dare to be bare oil is amazing!

I was going to say but its already been mentioned. Getting totally smooth takes waxing unfortunatly. Plus it grows back fairly fast....

A really good razor, nothing cheap and you can buy this stuff called "Hydro precision transparent gel" it is fantastic for getting a super smooth finish...hope this helps

I've always had problems getting super smooth too. The razor burn is a nightmare! So this has all been really helpful.

The transparent gel stuff I swear by and you get no razor burn either which is superb

if your shaving, do it during or after a shower so the hair is softer.

Make sure the razor blades are sharp and good quality.

use a decent lather, maybe even use a shaving brush to work up a lather as the brisltes from the brush prime the hair by lifting them off the surface and coating them in the soap/gel/foam.

Firstly shave with the direction of the growth, keeping the strokes long and firm, so your not repeatedly going over the same area.

Re-lather with the brush and now go in a sideways direction to the hair growth. This wil give you a closer shave.

If you want an even closer shave repeat again, but now go against the direction of the growth.

Wash off and smother in a moisturiser. I would suggest coconut oil as a moisturiser.

The other thing to remember is the type of razor you use. The normal marketed razors nowadays have thicker blades, which means not as close a shave - were talking microscopic here but is all makes a difference. If your feeling brave, then try using a traditional barbers razor which has a single blade. These have a thinner edge (again microscopically thinner so not noticable to the human eye) but give you a closer shave.

Although you said you had a bad waxing experience, it may well be down to the therapist, so I would recommend trying this again for real smoothness. Also waxing gets better and better each time and usually after the third or fourth time all the hai is growing equally and will pull out more successfully.

I think you get better results after a good soak in the bath. I exfoliate my skin first, I use a Venus blade and (keep this only for that area) and sensitive shave gel.

I start from the outside and work in shaving across, for some stubborn hairs, I have to shave against the grain, afterwards I put coconut oil on and it leaves my skin lovely and soft.