Going down on OH clean shaven or facial hair

Hi , Was wondering what the female out there prefer their partner when going down does it bother them if there partner has facial hair or do they like the partner clean shaven. I'm thinking of growing a beard but don't want to ruin the fun we have if facial comes in the way of having oral . Look forward to your thoughts. Thanks

My husbands facial hairs never bothered me. He's had a beard for 6 years or so now. If it did feel uncomfortable we would find an alternative solution. He likes his beard, I'd never ask him to shave it.

Have always had a thing about bearded men, so facial hair and sex go well together.

Stubble can be a little itchy or irritating to the area (depending how sensitive the person is and how coarse the stubble is) but grown facial hair is fine. I actually prefer it :)

I hate facial hair, so clean shaven is a must. Plus there isn't a point in me being hairless if he provides the hair!

It’s a very individual thing, but my main concern with hair is if it’s still prickly instead of soft; if you’re in the early stages of growing it out and you accidentally give someone a rash, try using beard oils. :)

I prefer clean shaven, but i have very sensitive skin

I don't mind hubby's bit of stubble, it feels good, but never a beard for me! He wouldn't want to grow one anyway, it itches his face! 😮 Lol.

If my wife takes the trouble to be smooth, i think it`s only curteous to have a smooth face when i go down!

My OH is beardy and I really like it. Certainly tickles when he kisses my thighs haha

I think it really depends, my partner prefers me clean shaven as stubble irritates and itches. I know once your past the stubble stage and have a beard it should be fine as long as you keep it trimmed and well looked after. But personal preference is clean shaven for us.

I used to go out with a girl who didn't like stubble /beard as she said it felt like sandpaper but the odd occasion I didn't shave and went down on her, I would rub my chin of her clit and she would enjoy it that much that she would hump my face till she came

Thx for the info , like that I didn't shave had some stubble....was a bit worried the OH wouldn't be to Happy me with stubble... surprising enough the OH enjoyed the experience with stubble...she said it's kept tidy their shouldn't be an issue..

Awesome 'hagions', thanks for the friend request. 😉

I love everyone's comments on here, nice to hear other people's personal preferences! x

It has to be clean shaven as stubble irritates.