Going down!

Can anyone tell me if theres anything on the market that feels like its licking or sucking your clit?


this toy has 2 reviews one good one not so... but it looks great to me.. I too love oral and always looking for something to provide that amazing feeling... the toy I have isnt on here and I cant find it any where else.. my toy is broken and I'm looking for something to replace it..at the mo I slip some lube on it and trust is around hopping for the best :S desprate times heh?? http://www.orgasmarmy.com/vibrators/the-tongue-ii/reviews.aspx take a look any way and let us know what you find and how good it is :P

what is the name of your broken toy?

im not sure... its pink of course and it has a wide opening with like little jelly spikes comming out lol I got it from pabo.

Ok it's diven me crazy trying to find a replacement for my toy that I broke... I have been on all the sites I know and some I didnt... I even went back to pabo they didnt have any at all looking like the one I had so the search went on... And I finally found it.. well kind of... this one is red and is the next generation I think ... the name is Wireless clit climaxer 2 .