Going down

It’s LeviOsa, Not Leviosaaa!

Ok…i love going down.

  1. Dont delve in too quick…butterfly kisses around tge area and gently blow.
  2. Gentle flicks of tongue on their pussy lips.
  3. Run tongue gently up the middle of lips to get idea of wetness
  4. Gently pull back hood of clit to expose it.
    Then with tip of tongue , circle the clit.
  5. Run tongue up between lips again, which by this point should be showing signs of considerable wetness.
  6. Ease lips apart to expose inner lips and plunge tonge as deep as you can( usually causes her breath to catch)…
    And from there on just lap and suck , while responding to what gets the best reaction.
    A finger inserted to apply pressure or rub the G spot while sucking on clit can often result in an explosive response.

I love going down.!!


I usually wrap my arm around her thigh and with my palm I press a bit on her tummy and while pushing down gently I also pull her entire abdomen up.

It seems to elongate the entire area and make the clit easier to play with. Mrs. Val seem to like the pressure on her pelvis and I like seeing everything that is going on!


I personally love when a man is really enthusiastic about his work :sweat_smile:
I bet you do @The_Little_Ladybird :wink:

God what I’d do to go down on a woman again, i would be that enthusiastic she’d think all her Christmas’s had come (fnar fnar) at once…
I haven’t given a pussy a good licking since I broke up with my first girlfriend,many many years ago.
Sometimes if I’d been down for a long time and i was starting to tire and she was at point of orgasm she’d grab handfuls of my (very long) hair and move my head so violently I’d go dizzy…
But it was worth it

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@The_Little_Ladybird . I regard it as one of lifes great pleasures.!!


@The_Little_Ladybird the way I see it is if a job is worth doing at all then it should be done properly :wink: