Going down

@The_Little_Ladybird . I regard it as one of lifes great pleasures.!!


@The_Little_Ladybird the way I see it is if a job is worth doing at all then it should be done properly :wink:


Some excellent advice already from @valbowski77, @LRLRL , @JoCat and others. Definitely be guided by her feedback, everyone is different and as @JoCat said when you get her close and she says don’t stop or starts grinding keep repeating the current action.

I find it easier given with her knees up, legs spread and a pillow under her butt to raise her so that I’m comfortable as well as her and I’m able to take my time. While butterfly half licks can be teasing for my current partner she likes firmer pressure to get her off. She likes the pressure of my mouth against her labia as I lick and suck on her lips and clit. Sometimes she likes the pressure of my teeth as I lick, sometimes that’s too much and I’ll cover my teeth with my lips. Putting pressure above her pussy and gently pulling up or massaging as I use my mouth can also help, sometimes she’ll do this as well as spreading her labia to give my mouth access. Sometimes she enjoys me squeezing her butt and teasing her anus, and inserting a thumb into her butt, sometimes she hates it.
I find it difficult to stimulate her internally for long periods during oral without a toy, usually glass, that I can direct rather than thrust but sometimes just a thumb inserted to the knuckle and kind of pulling down can help her orgasm. Sometimes she likes me to suck her clit and tongue tease the tip of her clit with a flicking or swirling action, sometimes she’s too sensitive. Different days she enjoys different things and I just need to follow her feedback. With oral she can cum in a couple of minutes but sometimes it will take much longer, it’s never rushed she just cums quicker and can never explain why. I don’t believe there is a perfect pattern of do’s and don’ts to going down, try everything and just work out what works on any given day


Some fantastic issues raised here - I would add to place a pillow / cushion in the small of her back (just before her bum) this will elevate her so you can get in between her legs - please do not rush and go gentle


Im loving reading all these replies, theres some really good advice in here. I think over the last 10 yrs (27yr relationship) I’ve perfected what the OH likes depending on quickie/session.
I’m by no means an expert in general though and still pick up ideas from here that i will be trying in the next session.
For me i find that a nice long slow build up during foreplay makes the OH go to another level of ‘GET IT IN ME’ instead of just wanting the sex, it’s like she gets desperate to get that cock inside her like shes never had one before, its so hot to be begged to put it in. Also it makes her a hundred times more sensitive.