golden root

does this stuff really work........hmmm i wonder

yes it does!!

bf reports light traces and a blocked up nose for about an hour... but thats the only side effects he's experienced.

does it realy work? I have a huge sex drive and my partner likes to take pills to boost his sex drive, so that he can keep up with me. We recently bought the 'original blue wonder pill' with no success. Now we are not sure if we should buy any more pills, as we don'tknow if they will work...

Yes it works big time! read my review. Drink lots of water when taking any of this type of pill as the nose may be dehydration.

I hate to say it on a sex toy site, but it is usually a better idea to try a few diet/exercise modifications before going the pill route. Cutting down on processed sugar is a big help when it comes to erection stamina, and it is always always always a good idea to go and see your doctor before trying to self-prescribe.

Depending on whether a man is having problems ever getting an erection, sustaining an erection, or just wants to have more, it can indicate a health problem that needs to be resolved. Blood pressure especially is something to take a look at.

Mcbirdie I strongly agree with you, but as these pills are completely herbal I can see nothing wrong with self prescribing

Herbal does not mean safe. Some of the side effects already mentioned like um DEHYDRATION, could be problematic or dangerous for some people. Each to their own, but not for me or my partner.

Alcohol causes DEHYDRATION, should not take the Two together.
The pill will NOT work together with Alcohol, secondly you getting DEHYDRATED Doubles

As has been pointed out, herbal doesn't mean safe. Some of the deadliest medicines out there come from herbs.

My point is that if your problems stem from a physical issue--say, dangerously low blood pressure--then masking it with pills is not only not helping you long term, but it is also keeping you from getting the help you need. It is always a good idea to have a chat with a doctor when you notice your body not working the way it should/used to.

Barring the health concerns, it is also just a cheaper option--if cutting down on starchy foods solves the problem, for example, why would you want to keep paying for pills? You can use that money on more fun toys.

could anyone tell me if this golden root works for women too please??

floyd wrote:

could anyone tell me if this golden root works for women too please??

Hello floyd, are you planning on spiking your partner's dinner? ;)

floyd wrote:

could anyone tell me if this golden root works for women too please??

Hi Floyd, not the wine quaffing chef off the box are you?


My guess is that this stuff doesn't work at all! I think if it really did, we'd all be on it!

But for women?

imeldaimelda wrote:

But for women?

Peenagra, pink version of the Blue Tablet.


Yes but is it golden root and does it actually work for women? As Carly has said, it doesn't!

Hi.Thanks chaps for all the info, as usual with the 'herb thing,'its a case of swings and roundabouts!! (No ,i was not going to spike)Viamax mm.? Well ,am off to look for my mojo again!!

<cue Austin Powers tune>

It sounds quite potent, and sounds like it's meant for more or less instant results.

For a generally better drive built up over time (and probably safer) a trip to a Holland & Barrett or GNC store may be in order. Horny Goatweed is a popular natural supplement that can be taken daily like a vitamin and builds up your libido gradually. There's also Macha which has been used for millenia in Peru.

I have tried many, some of the stiff strips did work fabulously, but others in the same pack didn't. Was it all in my mind therefore??? Was l fed a placebo or twenty!!!

Who knows, Kamagra/Viagra pretty guaranteed, and cialis too... toname but a few.


I got some of another website which I wont meantion lol. 8 for £25 and I can say from first hand experience that they work. My boyfriend is usually only half hard (due to a vigra addiction when younger he cant get fully hard now :( ) and with these he beceoms really hard and big.

I tried one though and just got really sick and heart palpations, so I wouldnt suggest it for females.