Good bye old friend *cries*

Standing in the kitchen, I have him in my hands wrapped up.
My boyfriend stands next to me playing a sombre tune on his harmonica as we say our final fairwells to our little friend.
I can't believe it was only 5 weeks ago we bought our Doc Johnson realistic 8 inch dildo.
We've had so much the bedroom, living room, heck even my office during my lunch break *giggles* (My office is a seperate building, and he often pops over for lunch on his days off).

But this afternoon we had to throw away our fav strap on dildo. God only knows how we managed it, but the shaft of the dildo has split near the base! O_O
Has this happened to anyone here? Have you ever played with a toys so much and so hard that you actually broke it?

You should have seen the look on his face. I bet he felt thankful it was the dildo and not his dick broken in half. lol

*cries* I hated having to throw it way T_T But tomorrow I'll buy a new one ^.^

5 weeks really isn't a lot is it? Toys should really come with warranties especially if they're expensive.

It did have a warranty. But its only valid in US. ^_^;;

I have had several mega three bangs that have given up the ghost, splitting at the necks, always a sad time l agree.

Oh Tallboy, Sir, now you've worried me!
I was all set to order my first mega, honest!
I have to interpret your 'several' as meaning at least three! If just two had failed on you, you'd have said 'a couple'! My piggy-bank would willlingly have coughed up £25 (plus p&p) for a toy that might have provided unending pleasure, but Piggy gets to be as mean as a daytime TV quiz show Banker if he's expected to cough more than once for the same thing.
Maybe I ought to stick to my aubergines for now. Only 99p in Tesco, and I can use them in the Moussaka afterwards!

Correct Greebo, though every cloud purportedly has a silver lining and Happycamper has expressed some interest in acquiring the bangs when they become detached !!! Just how to get them to her. You can't really go wrong though with the fruit and veg isle at Tesco's/Sainsbury's, Morrisons or maybe even Waitrose, interesting new veggie lines seemingly coming on line every week, and while you enjoy your Moussaka l will be tucking into my choccy sauce drizzled banana split !!!!
Up the vegetables.....make sure you get your 5 portions every day - wine-grapes, marmalade-oranges, etc etc etc.

I reckon a line of fruit-scented, fruit-imitation sex toys would go down a treat!

You could have a banana dildo (the obvious one!), textured orange anal beads, a melon with "entrance hole", a mini strawberry vibrator, and so on! The fruity possibilities are endless!

Oddly enough, I think I prefer the real thing!
How, frinstance, would you duplicate a banana in silicone or latex? The real one can be used with the skin on (relatively rigid) or naked (fragile and vulnerable!) It's SO versatile! A pleasure in both forms for the vagina or the anus! A plastic banana? Nah!
However, as an Englishman who lives among the wilder and less understandable people in the heart of Wales, I will admit I'd love to see a dildo made in the form of, and coloured like, a massive Welsh Leek!

Leaf it out !!! ha ha

Got his replacement. It was the Fab Cock from topco's boi toyz.
Its an anal dildo. I know this toy was aimed at men, but who cares. Its brilliant! It has a suction cup and fits in our harness.

See dildos need suction cups- that's whats missing. Why do toy designers seem to assume that it's only anal pleasure you want hands free?

Someone will now post a link to a suction cup endowded dildo.

I know of many.
My old 8 inch realistic from doc johnson comes with a suction cup. As did the Jeff Stryker and John holmes dildos.

alright prooved wrong lol.
Now find a purple one! :P lol

Ah, Crayola! Purple? That brings us back to my aubergine!

Has it been genetically modified to include suction cup? lol

The Great American Challenge!!

Gladly! How about this Crayola?

Ha I love it!
*Bows down to superiority*

All this talk of veg, if I see a man with an aubergine in the supermarket I will probably break into uncontrollable giggles! If I get funny looks I'm pointing the finger of blame at you filthy lot!

Isn't it great to be kinky and talk about sex so openly? The Victorians will be spinning in their graves.