Good morning all

Morning all. Not entirely sure what to write as an intro being so new here and no idea what to expect!

I'm married, mid 30's but act MUCH younger, active and most days when I'm not to stressed very happy.

Just waiting on a mystery box and stockings delivery tonight which I am looking forwarding to surprising the better half with later. I am in fact a little over excted as I gave the wife a treat this morning, but the reality of schools runs and work meant we had to stop before I got my turn!

No idea whether I should be sharing this level of intimacy on my first post, but you seem like a lively bunch so I'm sure you won't mind.

Dont mind at all. Hello! x


Hope you and your wife enjoy your goodies

Sharing intimacy stories is ok as long as youre not too graphic as thats against the rules

Enjoy your stay 🐼

Hello & welcome :)

Hi and welcome to the forums and enjoy your mystery box.

Thanks for the quick replies and welcomes :)

And don't worry - I won't be sharing graphic stories. My voculabry and wiritng skills would probably make it sound more vulgar than sexy and hardly do it justice!

Right. Best run along now as I am meant to be working. Look forward to coming back later and having a proper look around.

Hello and welcome. Sounds like you have been having fun.

Hi and welcome :)

Hi welcome to the forum

Hi and welcome to the forums xx

hi terri how are you this morning hope you are well x

Hello and welcome xx

Hi, welcome to the forum

Hi and welcome :)

Welcome 😊
The joys of school runs! Enjoy the goodies


Hello and welcome!!!