Good toys for squirting? Recommendations please!

Hi guys,

I know not everyone has experience of squirting and for me it's something that's only ever happened once about 10 or so years ago with the help of a vibe that eventually died on me.

However, I know for a fact the idea of squirting turns my partner on massively. It's never happened for us though even with the use of some toys. Maybe I'm using the wrong ones!

Is there any you particularly recommend if they have helped you achieve this? Recommendations would be very much appreciated.

Thank you x

Hi ya,

This and the LH rechargeable wand makes me squirt, found out by accident really, but like you my hubby loves it.

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The first toy that got me there was this one I wasn’t expecting it at all but it was great! I would happily recommend it :)

A few toys have got the wife to squirt but not consistantly. That was untill recently... this bad boy has a 100% track record using the beaded end. Something about the weight and the position really really works for her.

Not everyone is the same though so what may work for us may not work for you. Some people are able to squirt just from clitoral stimulation which is not something my wife is able to achieve.

I would totally second all these suggestions as excellent toys to stimulate the g-spot but particularly the one NatandTom have linked, that one is a little demon.

Hey vampy, depending on what gets you to the stage of squirting (vibration, girth, hard thrusting etc) I would go for the glass beaded dildo which was linked above or the other satisfyer which has already been linked too:

Both have an amazing curve which feels super intense for G spot penetration and are super cheap. I would also recommend a wand if you haven’t got one as this can help give you a little extra in terms of stimulation to really get you there

Also forgot to mention, positioning is vital and you may want to try laying on your back with your knees towards your chest to make your G spot a little more accessible internally, this usually narrows your walls and makes it much easier to curve the toy towards your internal spot for maximum penetration.

Amazing advice thanks everyone will have a look at them and see which takes my fancy! Hopefully it won't I'll have the intended effect :p


This has always been highly rated as one of the best toys for squirting and g-spot orgasms.
As mentioned above a lot of people find something heavier and more solid on the g-spot to be more effective when squirting.

There are lots of toys that can help you get there but you also have to be very patient and learn to know the signs your body is giving you. If you search the forums you'll find plenty of advice on squirting. It feels like you need to pee and you have to push past that and keep going. Another thing is that some people tend to clench and tense up when they orgasm, but you need to push rather than clench. I found playing in the bath helped me relax as I wasn't concerned if I did pee then lol
The womanizer toys are great if you prefer more of a clitoral stimulation, I've squirted with this several times now. I do have the waterproof one though.

PT x

In addition to the toy recommendations, I'd also say that state of mind plays a huge role. Be relaxed, don't feel pressured and just enjoy yourself.

In my experience whenever there's too much pressure it never happens! Sometimes even just the excitement of almost squirting has prevented it (ironically!).

Best of luck in your endeavours, let us know how it goes!