Good Vibrations....

Hello! This may seem a really dumb question and how long is a piece of string... but how long do you spend pleasuring yourself with a vibrator? Personally for me I last a minute - no more than 5 as I cum too quickly and it's mega intense. One I have an orgasm it's too intense to carry on
How do I prolong this and is there any LH products you can recommend?
Btw - it's only me using it - my partner is reluctant to use any toy

It depends on the toy and my mood to be honest. Sometimes a minute, sometimes twenty, it all depends!

Same. It really does depend on my circumstances. It's a shame that they only seem to make desensitising products for men. Sure it's usually easier for men to orgasm but this is not always the case.

My advice is to stick to the lower settings of your vibrators if you aren't already using them.

What Jann said 😊

An hour....

I can lay on my front with my doxy tucked under me, wedged against my clit and I can keep cumming over and over, roughly every mins. This continues until I remove the doxy...... exhausting but great fun !

A more 'normal' vibrator makes me cum at roughly the same rate.....more and quicker if my oh using it on me. If using it alone it takes me approx 5 mins to the first one and I usually stop at around 6 ish x

SquirtyPanda - an hour??? Lucky lady ! Terri JJ I've never heard of a Doxy but will look it up - sounds right up my street lol :)
Thanks peeps xxx

It only takes me a minute or two if I don't use lover speeds. I like it that way since I'm a bit impatient 😁

*the lower

Maybe 5-10 minutes for me? Sometimes less! Between being impatient and living at home, there's not really a lot of time to have a proper session, as such.

I tend to use the setting with fluctuating vibrations (on my WeVibe) to begin with, though I'm beginning to wonder if popping it inside a pillowcase would help? That extra layer between you could well help prolong things.

Hope you work it out! x

Shhh-busy! wrote:

SquirtyPanda - an hour??? Lucky lady !

Thanks lol... I don't mean an hour as in it takes an hour for me to reach orgasm I mean I can masturbate for an hour or more and cum multiple times 🤗

Tiring lol

The same as you, a few minutes. Have u tired a different setting. A buzzz buzzzz buzzzzz buzzzzzz buzzzzzzz ( repeat) one helps. You just build up and then it goes straight back to the beginning. A right tease!

I've tried all settings and guess I'm just too sensitive! I can only climax once with a toy as it's that exquisite it boarders on pain! Whereas with sexual intercourse I can orgasm several times. Sometimes the build up to a climax is actually better than the climax itself

I can only orgasm once clitorally. I get so incredibly sensitive after, I can barely stand it being touched. G spot, I can keep going and going and going until my husband can't take it anymore and jumps me. So clit vibrator/wand up to 10 minutes. G spot vibrators I can go for hours.

Really depends on what kind of mood I'm in . Sometimes it's just a few minutes and others it could be about half and hour or so .
I can only have one clitoral orgasm and then that's it so generally I like to keep the build up going as long as possible . With g spot I need a lot more stimulation for a lot longer with a g spot style toy and even then it's a rare occurrence for it to happen .

I don't know if there is something wrong with me, but im starting too think so because i have used both Doxy with and without attachments, Hot Octopuss Pulse 2 Duo wich both makes most people come very fast without ever cumming. It doesn't matter what speed, pattern or how long i use any of them, i just can't cum att all with them, don't get me wrong, it feels awesome and i get close a lot but it's like theres something missing to put me over the edge. I don't know what to do...Everyone else seems to cum in minutes with them, some even faster then that ='(