Afternoon all,

I know some of you don't like Facebook, so I was wondering who out there has a Google+ account? We're just starting out properly with Google+ and we'd love to be able to find you!

If you're not a Google+ user, what could we do to encourage you over there? Perhaps exclusive hangouts where you can chat with us, get insights and exclusives etc? Any other ideas?

Feel free to +1 our Lovehoney Google+ page, or add us to a circle.

I have a + profile but only used it very briefly.

have one but dont really use it as not many people on there at the moment

I have one but I never use it because I don't know anyone else that does.

i have a google+ account

I might set one up just for here already an Andriod user so dead easy... Have a facebook profile anyone is welcome to join....

I have one too but never use it as no one I know uses it :( might check out the LH profile soon though

I really like Google +, but only a handful of people I know are on there. Going to check out the Lovehoney page though :)

I have it, but prefer Facebook. for this identity, though, Twitter wins all