Got my first ever deep penetrating toys this morning. Thanks LH!

Having only ordered toys before 2pm yesterday, they arrived this morning at not long after 10am via inter link express delivery top job.

Any way after much debate on here i ordered my first 16" Dido a long with a16" fist to work up to as i enjoy Belladonna's fist and the medium 3 bangs for your but. I have been thinking about deeply penetrating my anus for some time now and have played with the Si Novelties 16" er this morning for 1hr or so.

It felt amazing to touch it making it wobble about its so big, thick and flexible and i had to worm up a little to get it in, but when i finaly got it in as i found it quite tricky at first to hold it not used to something so huge, there is no fealling like it dew to it's softness you feel it working it's way inside.

Amazing fun. Will try 3 bangs tonight and leave the fist till i get Belladonna's fist all in side or not see how i feal about it at weekend. No rush is there now.

So if you like me your thinking about DP go for it only if you have been thinking about doing it for a while. If its something you think you'd enjoy you most probably will is the moral of this story!

What did i miss! Feck hehe silly me. Glad im not the first and i dare say not the last.

Lovehoney - Stephanie wrote:

;) It happens to!

Clicked the link- made my day ![](upload://ez5kOkpKXRZOxjavAURYmQxVTau.gif)

Seriously though, good for you ALG. Glad it worked out!

Stephanie, that made me laugh out loud!