Grab the bull by the balls...

After having chatting about sex toys for men with my boyfriend, he mentioned how he would love a toy that either straddles the balls and gives vibrations or one that sucks the balls. I am yet to come across a toy designed for the testicles and wondered whether there are many men who particularly want more attention to them...

So tell me what you think! :D

You could buy a stretchy cock ring with a vibrating bullet on it - we got one of the durex play ones and that was stretchy enough to go around the shaft of my man's penis and his balls - I positioned the bullet at the back resting on his balls and it was fantastic, he actually whimpered ;)

Not sure if there's anything that does what your boyfriend actually wants though, but that may be worth a try.

I agree with Private Assistant, vibrating cock ring swivelled around so it's on/under his balls and not on top of his cock. Should give him a bit of a thrill!

How about a Tantus Sling Ring? It doesn't vibrate, but it certainly feels good on your balls, and you can wear it all day.

Here's a link - I reviewed it a while ago

Thanks! Will suggest these and see if he wants to give them a try ;)

Hope he likes the ideas, and hope he enjoys trying them out ;)

That's a great idea for using a cock-ring.

Which Durex ring were you doing it with? The newish Durex Touch -

Or the new version of their Vibrations ring?

The LoveHoney Bada Bing Ring would probably be a good option too - it's chunkier than most and also has touch-sensitive vibrations, so you can make him whimper at your whim ;-)

The vibrations one, it was super stretchy! Is the bada bing very stretchy? He has an average sized cock but quite big balls lol.

There's also the tonguejoy which is a cockring as well as for oral sex. I know I bloke I was with relaly liked it for BJs.