Great hack for closed ended masturbators and sex dolls

So I recently bought the Alicia sex doll on sale for half price.

It feels great, but because it is closed ended it gets air trapped inside which can get noisy, and also this makes the end “balloon” out and grip less on the penis when fully penetrating it.
I though about maybe cutting a tunnel into it to make it open ended.
In the end I used a screwdriver to pierce a hole from the outside to the end of the canal.
The results were mind blowing.
The hole allows air to be pushed out, but when withdrawing the suction causes the tiny hole to collapse on itself and seal tightly. It’s like a one-way valve now.
So not only are the squelching noises eliminated, it stays tight against the penis all the way to the end. A bonus is the incredible suction when moving back out, the stimulation is sooo intense.
I also have a closed ended stroker similar to this:

I can confirm that the hack works just as well on it also.

Just thought I would share with u all, happy experimenting :slightly_smiling_face: