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Anyone here interested in the archaeology and history of sex?
This has been my hobby and interest for decades and I also a qualified Archaeologist/Geologist.

I’m going to sound (no pun intended) like one of those ‘Fascinating Facts’ apps that permeate
Social Media - apologies in advance.

Did you know that both sounding and squirting were both daily practices of the Ancient Egyptians?
Even Tutankhamen’s personal possessions included a long pottery sound, wrongly identified as a
perfume stick/applicator. Ladies would squirt naturally during sex and would soak the clay floors.
Both activities were regarded as an essential part of human reproduction and were sacred to the
goddess Tefnut, who created the morning dew and human fluid secretions.


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Hi, welcome to the forum @Snorky! Fascinating facts, always interesting to learn something new! I always wondered how, as a society, we treat sex as such a taboo subject that isn’t spoken openly about (except here of course!) when it was celebrated by these ancient civilisations and many others in the past

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I am keen amateur enthusiast with regard to Spartans, the Greco Persian and Pelopennasian Wars so as a hobby I study the mainly Spartans.

They way women were regarded in their culture is fascinating for that period and homosexuality between the woman was actively encouraged so am interested in the sexual aspect of history

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Ooh, interesting, who knew the ancient Egyptians got up to sounding!

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