Groovy Shag Swag?

On the back of my Shag Factory Shag Bag packet:

Want Groovy Shag Swag?

Recycle this valuable packet! Join our Frequent Shagger program and get cool, free stuff! Visit for more details.

So I did, but there's nothing there but a place to sign up for updates. Which I did, but I was hoping someone from Lovehoney might give us an advanced scoop. LOL

Is this another vibrator recycling program, with Shag stuff instead of rabbits? (Please please please!) Or is this like saving up all the cereal boxtops until you have enough to get a prize?

Thought I'd bump the thread to hopefully get an answer. I prefer the idea of the recycling program as opposed to the collection of packets idea. Free stuff is always a fun option too

Both those things would be pretty good, no?

A discount on a Shag Factory purchase wouldn't be worth as much as 50% off a rabbit, in numerical terms, but it'd be worth more to me because I'd actually use it.

Bump? Any hints, LH?

I suspect you'll get an email once the site's live. I think it's nearly ready but we're always super busy here and getting drawn into another project, then another...

That's not a hint!