Guys and their thongs

To anyone out there, just wondering, what made you decide to wear a thong? Been curious for some time now, but nervous it'll be seriously uncomfortable, and OH might think less of me. Any recommendations for brands with room for those well-endowed?

Sory , I can't help with thongs for well endowed . However I think I can give you a few pointers . First , at least in my experience women love the look of a thong . If you are hairy much down there , stay with a wider material between your balls and back . I am hairless and love string style . For me all day comfort is cotton and make sure you buy the right size ! In the thong heading you may also want to look at cock socks as they call them . They have a place for your cock , usually out of stretch material . LH has one at least that has dual back straps , not a classic single in the back . Thongs make me feel sexier along with the wife enjoys the look . My pictures somewhat show several of mine .

I'm not really sure why I first tried a thong. I think it was probably just a bit of fun. Nowadays I wear a thong regularly but not everyday. I don't find thongs uncomfortable at all. I've got several of the LH ones including these and they're all great: I would imagine that you would fit into all of these. As for your OH thinking less of you, I doubt it. She might be pleasantly surprised to see your cheeks on show. Go for it.

Have you asked your OH? Mine likes me in thongs but I can't where them for work as I have to get changed regularly.

My wife likes me in a thong. Plus I seem to find them more comfortable to wear than most other types of pant.

I wear them in summer, less so in winter.

Less fabric = cooler.

As for recommended brands for the well endowed, well .... I'm not ..... so can't advise.

However, my favoured brand is Doreanse. Their imaginatively titled '1280' thong is my favourite. Just a classic thong and very comfortable to wear. Just note that sizings seem a little small, so go up a size (they'll shrink slightly in the wash anyway). Not too expensive, and plenty of ebay retailers.

My only other advice is .... scrupulous personal hygiene !!!

For me it was mostly curiosity and wanting to feel sexy and with well endowed I cannot help you with I'm average at best and at least in my experience People find confidence sexy so if you wear it and feel comfortable Good for you and for comfort It took a couple days to get used to it But after about 3 weeks I threw all my other types away thongs everyday for me

I just wanted to try something different and have some choice, the wife isnt bothered either way. Fridays are always a thong day usually a pouch ergowear thong. Be great if lovehoney did a pouch thong with a wide band. If you like the idea give them go.

Do you mean mens or women's thongs? I wear women's thongs, they are so comfy. I try to wear them when ever possible and I wear them all day without issue.

Worn mostly G strings/pouches and some thongs for the last 30 years when they were hard to get, you'll be surprised just how comfortable they are and no the string doesn't cut up your bum, try some ? Google mens thongs for suppliers?

My wife asked me if I would try a thong after she found out one of her girlfriends guy wore them and she really liked the idea and this was about 20 years ago. I didn't mind trying one for her at the time and found they were comfortable and I actually liked wearing them. I started wearing them just now and then but ended up wearing them most of the time including for work.

I prefer HOM Plume for my regular everyday as they are so comfotable but also have some larger ones when needed. I have found been smooth downstairs definitely adds to the comfort.

I wanted to wear one about 20 years ago, I wear thongs and g string pouches. Hate wearing anything else. Wife only has thongs and G strings. I trim my hair down there to keep it tidy . Only thing with thongs is whe you bend over your thong can show. This is the 21st Century and anything goes

i like to be commando but depepending what im wearing its not all ways pratical , so for a bit of support a thong is the next best thing, also you still get to feel the material of what you are wearing against your bum cheeks which i find very nice. unfortunatly most days its boring boxers

My husband has worn them for 25 years now. He can't remember why he tried them, but he loved them and used other types of underwear less and less. When he got with me, he finally disposed of everything else, as I much prefer him in thongs

It started as a bit of a kinky spur of the moment sex venture when my oh had me wear one of hers, she really liked it, I really liked it, was so comfortable also nice and cool in the summer

Ha, if you Google supp a152 in images you will see a shpock sold 5 thongs and I got them. Purple one fits so good and It just makes me feel naughty in a nice snug thing and the wife doesn't mind.

Just love a really good thong ! Just Recently bought the LHM Leopard Print Thong for Men from here. Can really recommend it & it's currently on Special Offer at £4 !!! What a Bargain !!

I bought myself a thong when I was at university, I just wanted to try one and I found them very comfortable. My favorite are HOM Plume and I wear these most days. They are a smaller g-string style but the pouch has plenty of room.

I have men’s silk thongs with elastic waistband very comfy and feel great as I am shaved down there, don’t wear every day cos of work.

i have been wearing thongs for over 25 years. the wife loves my butt in a thong i even wear thong swimwear. i find them more comfatable than any other design and were them 7 days a week.