Guys and their thongs

I bought my husband a pack of four different colours as a surprise. He thought that things were mainly for women but once he tried them on he was hooked. He is above average “biggish” and thongs kept him snug. He now has quite a selection and my favourite is a sparkling silver which he bought to surprise me.

My boyfriend had generally worn briefs since we have been together and prefers these over bigger shorts but he decided himself that he wanted to try a thong to see what it felt like. He kind of just mentioned it in passing one night and I sort of forgot about it but he did buy some and likes wearing them.

Most of the ones he has are quite a small g-string type of thong with a pouch. I've also bought him some larger ones as he wears them most of the time, including for work also and I prefer ones with a bit more coverage for this.

Just come across this thread - I’m a guy who started wearing thongs when I was a student and now I wear them pretty much all the time - I really think they are the best design of underwear for guys.

Hate boxers.

for any guys new to wearing them, it’s worth getting the right size and as a rule of thumb, that’s normally a size larger than your normal size. I’ve found with Hom thongs 2 sizes larger is ideal. for example, I buy jeans in size 32" waist and wear Hom size XL. Also, the best brands for comfort (provided you get the right size) are Hom, Calvin Klein and Diesel. Olaf Benz are excellent, great material, very comfortable, but again, I need 2 sizes larger. Worth the extra cost.

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Try the jjsox thongs… Absolute most comfortable thongs ever… Go up one size though

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I forgot to mention - before I got married I used to find opinion split on whether women liked them or not amongst those who got to witness me in them! But what was normally guaranteed was that they liked my confidence that went with them, even if they weren’t so keen on the thong itself.

I’m pretty open about my choice of underwear now I’ve got a few pairs of briefs and a couple of boxers, but I just find them too uncomfortable now especially in warm weather. In the winter I often wear long John’s, and thongs are ideal for under these.