Awkward question any one got any advice or help regarding haemorrhoids I seem to keep getting them and they hurt I’ve had doctors help but they just keep happening any one had any issues before and know how to fix them


Hiy as someone who has suffered bad with piles since being 21. I used to just bare it and use creams. I am a born woman who isn’t massively over weight(size12) so didn’t understand why I was getting them. So I looked into my diet and I found mine came from drinking Jack Daniel’s lol I still don’t know why that caused it but that was my drink of choice. I stopped drinking it 3 years ago and haven’t had them since. I was maybe only drinking twice a week but that’s why I constantly had them.
Have you been to a doctor? I personally didnt but it could be something your drinking/eating causing them.


How bad are they and do they cause you any bleeding down there?
Also are they internal or external haemorrhoids?

I recently come across this cream what is supposed to be one the best home remedies and the 1 best in China for its effectiveness in natural ingredients. It’s called, Ldreamam haemorrhoids cream.

Maybe give this a look into and some research as from what I’ve found on it, it’s quite good stuff :slightly_smiling_face:

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You can get them surgically removed,
Do you do a lot of straining?? That can cause them

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I will look into this thanks I do bleed quite bad I had some removed but they keep returning it’s ruining my sex life as I too nervous to meet guys Cause it’s embarrassing :frowning:


Ahh bless you, it can be very self conscious thing to deal with and the bleeding would indicate internal piles. Sadly for some once you’ve had piles your prone to them for life and having them surgically removed can be a fast fix but last resort as the scar tissue then makes the skin delicate like paper so defo something to be wary of if a doctor prods you towards surgery.

I know they say don’t strain when going to toilet but that’s easy said.

Defo give that cream a look up and see if it helps. You can get it off Amazon quite cheaply :relieved: it also works nicely for face wrinkles too lol :grin: