Hair today gone tomorrow.

Should a man shave his pubic hair?

If he wants to, or if he doesn't mind and a partner asks him to,

I personally wuld go for the neaten up method around the edges, and then discuss with my partner what they preferred other than that.

I really not bothered on this, I guess trimmed is nice as if your expecting me to be shaved it's the least you can do.. I guess it's all about personal preference or if you want to do something for your partner.

Hi Mr Charles, have a read through this previous thread, as Pinkie said there are more, but this is a more recent one :) x

I trim mine , but only because I like the mrs to be trimmed and Im am not going down the road of double standards ! beside I trim her as well

As far as I'm concerned the only should in life is being decent to each other.

I wouldn't force my partner to but I am happy with he trims it very short. :)

I don't like doing it but sometimes it gets too much I trim it, using my beard-trimmer (it's washable!!). I stay well clear of shaving my balls due to traumatic teenage experiences hahaha

I stay shaved as thats how the OH likes it and as has been said as she stays smooth for me im not into double standards! She loves me shaved because she prefers the looks and one of her many talents is giving deep throat and sucking my balls so no hair makes it more enjoyable for her, also means she doesn't have to keep stopping to remove pubes from her teeth! lol

SImple answer: If he wants to, yes, if

Don't really like it on guys myself but trimmed is ok. Each to their own :)

My OH is all natural albeit not a very hairy guy in the first place. I personally find the 'dark patch' really sexy visually. However if he wanted to shave then of course it's his choice and I'd be fine with it!

My OH is like a bear.... he's covered in thick black hair basically head to toe.... but he prefers to shave so shaved it is =D
I don't mind, as long as it's not so bad I get hair in my mouth lmao

yes my hubby does and i love it!

I like hubby to be neatened up a bit. He seems to prefer it as well. I wouldn't be upset if he didn't want to shave tho.

im shaved at moment i like it like that