Happy camping with a vibrating cockring

Sex toys are very versatile, there are all kinds of places they can be rubbed on and against, inserted into and wrapped around. You can even take them on a camping holiday, like we did with this little number. Of course this vibrating cock ring has one and only one obvious use, but I found it rather uncomfortable, as the rubber is hard and too tight. The attached stimulator was covered in small, hard rubber nipples that vibrate against the clit during sex, which was apparently almost painful against my girlfriends soft, but wet, pussy.

We gave up when it became too irritating and we started to feel raw. My girlfriend smiled evilly, rolled me onto my front out of the sleeping bag and tied my hands behind me and blindfolded me with a couple of scarves. She started stroking my cock from behind, spat on the clit stimulator and began rubbing it against my arse-hole, sending shivers up and down my back and making me grind into the camping mattress. She barely had to stroke my dick as the little vibrating egg was doing all the work, so she talked dirty to me whilst I moaned helplessly and shot cum all over the thin, hard mattress. I wondered afterwards if other campers had brought sex toys with them, and whether or not they could find alternative uses for them - ear plugs perhaps?