Happy New Year. Happy New Wardrobe

*tap tap tap* Ello? Is this thing working? Morning, internet!

Me? Oh, just a 30something chap from the UK who indulges in a bit of harmless cross-dressing. I know I know, I'll join the back of the queue.

In search of a liberal discussion forum where people are broadminded and groovy. Is this you lot?


Good morning and welcome WB. The way to find out is to try us ........


Hello Whoops - welcome

A new wardrobe is exactly what i need too! I bet you have more sexy underwear and female clothes than me!!

Hello! Good to meet you.

Hi and welcome to the forum

Welcome to the forums! I hope you enjoy your stay.

Prevalent as they are, I'm always happy to see more UK crossdressers. The more people in female clothing the better, I say!