Happy St George's Day

Are you doing anything to mark the day?

Happy St. George's day! :)

I'm still in the states so won't be doing anything special.

Happy St Georges day.

Not doing anything, full of a cold and it feels like flu when you're on chemo. Hope plenty of people are celebrating though.

Happy St Georges day fae Scotland

Nope not doing nothing for it.
But happy St George's day to you all :).

I'm gonna eat a leg of ham and drink mead. Well really I'm having a bacon butty and some real ale later 😉😉👍🏼 may have a joust also!

Stuburns wrote:

may have a joust also!

![crying|20x20](upload://ceipqBTR0sMGMajGRWRbxCi6nYV.gif "crying") haha

Not to sure if the Cornish would.

But hay living here, live a bit dangerous.

Have a good St Georges day.

Happy St George's day everyone! 😄

I had to google who it was XD Happy day to anyone celebrating it :) I bet you guys don't have people wearing tartan hats with fake ginger hair though? Not living in Scotland makes you realize how crazy it is lol.

Happy St Georges Day to everyone!

I still do wonder though why there isnt as much celebraions compared to St Patricks day for example