Hard Nipples


So I like a bit of nipple tweaking during sex. Nothing too hardcore, just him squeezing them between his fingers. I'd very much class it as pleasurable pain.

Anyway, sometimes (like now, a day later) my nipples stay kinda hard all the time afterwards. They don't hurt, occasionally a slightly itchy ache, but nothing bad. I was wondering if other people get this and why it happens? Is it anything to be concerned about?

As I say, it's nothing too hardcore, no nipple weights or anything, just firm squeezes.

Thanks :)

Well that all sounds perfectly normal to me. Mine seem to flipping erect all day and night! Itchy as in tickly itchy or that kind of itchy when we heal, when a sore get's better?? Mine itch every now and then!

We are talking erect here aren't we popkin? they not at their relaxed state but hard if you get me!

Could it be the sensation of your clothes or bra that's making them feel like they're a bit itchy? Sorry for the thousand ?'s lol x

Don't worry about the ?'s haha :) yeah like tickly itchy. and yeah erect. they just seem to stay like that after nipple tweaking/squeezing for a couple of days, not just generally. I just wanted to check that it's a normal response and my nipples aren't standing up in a cry of distress! There's no discomfort or anything.

If it's not painful and you haven't noticed anything else weird then it's probably nothing.

The SO and I both have hyperactive nipples. I sometimes don't even notice mine anymore when I'm not aroused, they are so often erect wether I'm cold or hot or not. But he and I love nipple play during sexy times. And I do use clamps. I sometimes get the itch, too. So again, I think it's perfectly normal.

I get the itch too, though they don't seem to stay hard for very long!

NatandTom wrote:

I get the itch too, though they don't seem to stay hard for very long!

Stand in front of the fridge with the fridge door open ![](upload://l9s9e23YKLHpoOzgGVeUkhZGcEr.gif)

I'm loving the "the itch" I'm sure we could make this a trend on twitter haha

I notice during different times of my cycle my nipples are more sensitive, and get "the itch" from time to time too. Sometimes they're so hard they actually hurt when rubbing against my bra, haha oh the joy

Same and I have quite large ones , end up with them erect for days

that seems to be okay ! i have long nipples and even it gets itchy when they become rock hard.sometimes they hard for long...

the itchy feeling get more whenim braless and the nipples brushing against the fabric.

but its a nice feeling and i love the itchy sensation.

definately nipple pleasures are fantastic. i love the pinching, tweaking, nibbling and biting during sex and even while solo

If I get cold mine end up so hard they're painful for hours. I was a youngster when I first experienced this and a hot bath was the only relief. I've since discovered paracetamol, thankfully.

They itch now and then, but I feel more of a pull in them when I'm horny. It's like they have a life of their own and are they're dying to be played with. Too much play leaves them dry and flaky, though (not that I can ever have too much at the time!).

I'm a bit wary sometimes and try to keep an eye on things as I'd heard that some cancers start with an itch and flakiness.