Hardcore for women

I'm desperately seeking some decent porn on DVD. I'd really like some recommendations on some hardcore stuff. All the stuff I have seems to be too vanilla (well, as vanilla as porn gets!) and has lots of storyline stuff. I'd prefer some where they get right into the action so I don't have to keep pressing skip on my DVD remote! I like lots of anal, double penetration, etc... any recommendations would be gratefully received.

That's going to be difficult to find unless you're into gay porn.
Most of the non-storyline porn is aimed 90% at men so you're going to see lots of women's butts in the air but not so much of the men.
These sites might help:

Private movies has lots of preview clips so you can see what you're getting before you buy:

Hi Spanky... that's great, will take a look. Thank you for your help.

And I'm actually not averse to gay porn but don't tell anyone ;)

online porn is way easier, most sites are about £15 a month so you just get a month's subscription and download dozens of films. cumonherface.com and studentsexparties.com are the only ones ive used, the first one's a bit hit-and-miss but theres around 200 movies. theres no lame storylines, and you can always burn it onto a dvd.

Or there's www.xtube.com, which is free. Admittedly it's either home-made or trailers for full price DVDs, but WTF when it's free!

Thanks for online recommendations - there's certainly no shortage of sites out there but you always seem to get bounced from one site to the next and it takes ages to find any decent movies - but as you suggest I can always burn some to DVD.

Go on www.veqq.com, www.pornhub.com and www.kinxxx.com for free porn vids

Thanks ameri - I've definitely got lots to keep me going now :)

oh and www.pornhub.com

Been clicking around today, veqq.com was pretty good, though I came across the scariest video ever - the man with the biggest willy in the world - and I'm not kidding! It literally looked more like a snake. I was watching more in horror than horniness! Mind you, soon found something more to my taste and had some fun with my battery operated friend ;)

yeah ive had a few laughs on the pornhub one in the catogory funny