Has any experienced supraventricular tachycardia after sex?

On thursday I was taken into hospitable due to my heart rate not going down from over 100 and peaking at 192 resting and as I kept almost fainting they had to take me in. This was post sex. Apparently I experienced a supraventricular tachycardia due to the mass amount of adrenaline and serotine running through my body even after sex had finished and I was resting.

Now sex is the only reason this happened, apparently I am suffering from a viral infection and stress too, but the sex (and very good sex was the tipping point). luckily I have a healthy heart so it didn't lead to a heart attack and they checked for signs of clots so I didn't have a stroke.

Right now I'm at home mostly resting and just trying to keep my heart rate at a normal level while I fight the infection.

But has anyone else experienced this at all? If so was sex the trigger?

No experience of this at all so no personal advice to give you but just wanted to post to wish you well. That must have been really frightening.

Did they give any advice at the hospital to try to prevent it happening again? Could you have been dehydrated, not getting enough air into your lungs- due to using a combination of gag, bondage hood/ breath play or could it be due to a heavier partner crushing down on you because of your chosen position causing hyperventilating or had you overheated due to being ill that caused your heart to start pumping so hard?

I know you have a lot of experience in this field and know what you are doing with bondage gear but just thought I'd suggest it as a possible trigger so please don't be offended with me. Just trying to help. Fingers crossed it's a one off.

Rest up and I hope you feel much better soon x

My input may be of no use at all, but it's similar so I will share on the off chance.

For about 3 weeks prior to Christmas, I was getting episode of accelerated heartrate, combined with dizziness and shortness of breath. A variety of things triggered it, walking, the gym, getting too hot, increased energy levels during a scene where I was Topping. I didn't actually engage in vigorous sex during that time period but if I had of done I'm guessing it definitely would have tipped the scales!

I was honestly terrified when I went to the doctors, she ordered an ECG and some bloodtests.

Turns out I was anemic! Yep low iron gave me all my symptoms and with iron supplments they all stopped.

Not to say this has any relevance to your situation, but thought I'd share anyway.

Really hope you are feeling better soon x

@Imh95 it was just plain Sex, extremely good Sex. We were taking advantage of the storm weather keeping us in. I just pop through for a break to get a drink, sit down, start feeling very very happy then my heart bolted and I kept almost passing out. Even when my breathing was normal the paramedics couldn't get it down.

@ladys that sounds horrible too. I didn't realise how I'll I was until it happened, really just thought I had a cold. I've fainted due to flu etc before but this felt very different to me at the time. But am dizzy and fainting fits is a worry. Glad they found the problem and the tablets helped. I believe they tested mine, they did a few blood tests, urine, and lots of ecgs. I got to keep one of the readings too which is cool.

If anything they've just told me to rest, avoid too much caffeine and Sex until better, and stressful event even on TV.

No experience here, but I hope your feeling better soon X

Oh my - no experience of this myself either - although I have almost fainted on a few occasions but recovered pretty quickly.

I hope you are resting and feeling much better now - take care xxxx

I've not had this exact experience but I have nearly fainted/fainted post sex. Usually because I hold my breath during sex (totally unintentionally). I don't even realise I'm doing it until I feel dizzy or feel like I'm gonna pass out. The sex is usually mind blowing as well. I also struggle with hyperventilation because my body can be very temperamental and I suffer from anxiety. It doesn't help that I'm suspected of having a slight murmur in my heart (my pulse can jump around quite a bit) though thankfully it doesn't cause me any major problems.

Hope you feel better soon! :)

Did this not happen to Sugarboobies quite a while back? Hope you feel better soon my love x

Thanks @rosycheek I've found her thread here http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/community/forums/sex-tips-and-talk/1496994-so-at-2am-this-morning-i-went-to-aande/page-5/

Seems a little similar, just no headache. Although I use to get migraines when I was little, sometimes they lasted days, it was horrible. Heat and zoos were oddly the main triggers. But if it happens again I will suggest it. In regards for stroke they didn't do a lumber puncher but checked wound, legs, etc. I'm not sure if I could have a lumber punch due to my spine anyway, one of the doctors at a and E even kept repeating I shouldn't have a spine like I do at my age (I have digeratative spine disease quite advanced for a 28 year old).

@twilightgirl it's rather common for people to hold their breath during Sex and Orgasm. Sadly I wish it was this that happened to me. Sorry to hear about your murmur.

I've had three doctors and a paramedic all say the same thing now that it's due to too much adrenaline and serotonin caused by Sex during fighting a viral infection. Hopefully once I'm better it won't happen again but if it does there are options such as beta blockers. They won't do any more tests unless it happens again.

I've mostly been resting although I managed some light Pilates this morning. Avoiding Sex and caffeine until better. Been advised to get back to the gym etc when better as I need to keep my heart healthy so it can cope with the situation if it happens again. It's all very scary tbh.

I forgot to say thanks for all the well wishes they mean a lot =).

Hi lady ness. Hope your getting plenty of rest and you do feel better soon.

@Lady Ness, that sounds like a very scary situation. I have been suffering from palpitations lately due to anxiety, and it is really awful. Strangely I have been experiencing the opposite effect to what happened to you, in that it is sessions with Mr Scorpius that stops the palpitations and gives me some peace for a while... I hope you are feeling much better soon Hun - sending you lots of hugs and positive thoughts xxx

That's scarey .Hope you get better soon

Hi Lady Ness,

I can't imagine how scarey this must have been for you, I hope you are able to rest and recover as quickly as possible.

Hugs and best wishes x

Hope you are get better soon.

Scary stuff. Different to the Sugarboobies one though. Did they tell you ways to try and stop the SVT if it happens? One of my friends got this triggered by exam stress.

@Scorpius That doesn't sound good. Have you visited your GP for help. Pain is bad no matter what it is type or cause, so I hope you too feel better soon.

@AsYouWish did theirs come back at all? They haven't yet, they've just told me to be careful while ill and cut out caffeine and chocolate and sex. I may have to avoid caffeine in the long term too. I understand that many people do experience it throughout their lives once they have had it once, but I'm really hoping it'll just be this one time.

Thanks everyone for the messages again. I'm still groggy but managed some reading, and a light trip out in between naps today. Trying to find a decaf tea I like too and it's not going well (seriously does not taste like tea).

Avoiding triggers helps certainly. It is better to give up caffeine than sex!
There are some manoeuvres you can try to stop it. If it happens a lot I think there are medicines or procedures that can help.

hi, glad to hear your better now.. I've not had it myself but have come across it once in my job. (I'm paramedic) had several sex related calls !!
I take it your ECG & bloods were ok? diagnosis was definatly adrenaline/seratonin mix?

centaur wrote:

hi, glad to hear your better now.. I've not had it myself but have come across it once in my job. (I'm paramedic) had several sex related calls !!
I take it your ECG & bloods were ok? diagnosis was definatly adrenaline/seratonin mix?

Hello the ecg wasn't fine that's why they took me in. It was round 5 hours for the ecg to be OK even when lying down. Bloods showed high white blood cell count. The high adrenaline and serotonin was the only theory the doctors come up with. It was all very odd. =/ guessing the people you've been called to were all OK?

ahh hope you are feeling better and it doesnt become a regular occurance for you, avoid stimulants and things where possible atleast a few hours before even things like salbutomol are terrible for increasing your hr x