has anyone stuck around for a partner who had sexual and psychological issues

Ive beem with my bf for 9 months now n he has no problems getting/maintaining an erection but psychologically when hes about to penetrate me he goes soft, this has helped us with oral and foreplay but id like to hear if anyone has been thru similar senarios n what u n ur partners done to cope with this??

My now ex-wife experienced pain during penetration. There were all sorts of psychological issues involved, and whilst I stuck with her by proposing to her, had a long engagement and got married, then a few years later the psychological issues developed so much more wildly. Now 18 months after separation she's really bitter and the psychological issues continue, making life for my new partner and I very difficult indeed as we're trying to move forward.

I'd say that you need to tell him that you'll support him, but ultimately he needs to sort out whatever the psychological issue is preventing him from providing you with the satisfaction that you woudl no doubt require long term.

I encourage you to set a timeframe of how you'll support him (maybe not tell him about it as unecessary pressure), write it down, and tell a friend that you need to be reminded when that timeframe is up so as to keep yourself honest. Otherwise it can drag on and on and on and you'll end up like me - succered into wasting nearly a decade of life with someone that can't physically satisfy you the way you need.

Although every case will be entirely different and depending on that person's experiences, I'd say that though my experience with a previous partner with an issue in gaining and holding onto an erection - it can work out. Firstly, they need to feel comfortable enough with their own body, as well as being comfortable around a sexual partner. There are a plethora of options that could help too, such as a penis pump and cockrings. If the problem continues, it's best for them to speak to a doctor, who may be able to prescribe them either Viagra, or a repeated prescription for Cialis. I know that there's a hospital in Birmingham that are specialists in these sorts of issues, it could be worth asking for a referral to a specialist if medication isn't working and there are a variety of treatments they can offer, including medical penis pumps and medication to be administered straight to the penis. It's possible that they may need counselling or therapy if the problem still remains, the mind is a powerful thing. And lastly, I wouldn't put a time-scale on how long you should stay with them. I think that it will take as long as it takes, but you will need to show your support continuously and you shouldn't say that somethings wrong with it or that it's not working, even if this guy says it himself. Find the good points about his dick and tell him, maybe it's a nice shape, or he has nice balls. Make him feel good about himself. For the record, we didn't separate from issues in the bedroom department, it turns out he had been dating someone else.