Has anyone tried the door shagger

Now this looks interesting girls. Has anyone given it a go? If so do tell us about it. Does it make the door boom through the house like a drum. LOL http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=6469

blimey, i think you'd probably go through the door lol. that dont really float my boat :/

Ooooohhh!!!! I'm not sure any of my doors are strong enough.

im with teddy bear I dont think that is for a standard door...but it does look fun!

i don,t know about the door shagger , i would think ,i would end up over the other side of the room,that,s if the door didn,t knock me at first,the horny space hopper looks good,that,s going on my list,i will be hopping all around the house , WITH A SMILE ON FACE FOR THE REST OF THE DAY,OH,AND THE NEXT DAY AFTER THAT,

I have a money saving alternative for you happycamper:

Buy a cheap kids beachball/football for a couple of quid (the smooth shiny type) and stick your favourite Lovehoney suction cup dildo onto it. You then have the option of large ball for sitting on, or small one to grip between your ankles and back onto.

Works a treat for both guys and girls, and I speak from experience... :-)

Fuck me Bath Bi Gut and her l was labouring mightily with a Can of Cuprinol, but what if you have a crap sense of balance !!!
Thanks xx

A thousand apols, risk outraging Newcastle United's fan club, obviously meant Bath Bi Guy.... not Billy five bellies or whatever Gazza's mate's name was. Sorry.

Bath-Bi-Guy, your profile picture is a real turn-on for me! This is one I haven't tried, but now it at the top of my list!

By the way, is that you in the picture?

Awe, now your'e just being mean, Bath-Bi-Guy. Did I upset you with my previous comments? Didn't mean to offend. I really liked the previous pic better! :)

Hehe this does look like fun but I'm not sure I'd be able to stop myself laughing enough to enjoy it! Perhaps I'd be better with a suction cup one in the bath or something?!