Have been thinking about another Happy Rabbit for a while but is it worth it?

I currently own the Happy Rabbit Curve. It was my first order just under a year ago from LH and it’s one of my favourite toys. However, I’ve been wanting to buy the Happy Rabbit G spot rabbit as I think it will give me more intense sensations due to the shape. I bought the FSOG Greedy Girl Rabbit but unfortunately, it doesn’t have enough power for me to orgasm. When I got it, I was so excited and then I struggled to even orgasm for around an hour and gave up and never used it since. I really liked the shape of it and I was wondering if the Happy rabbit I’ve linked below will be way more powerful with that same shape? I’m wanting to get something for around Valentine’s day as it’s coming up next month. My wallet will be screaming at me again :joy:

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I think the Happy Rabbit G-Spot is the same toy as the Greedy Girl?

In terms of shape. I find the FSOG toys arnt as strong as the Happy Rabbits so I was asking if the curve and the g spot happy rabbits are stronger?

I’m pretty sure they’re the same toy, just in different colours.

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I don’t know that’s why I’m asking. I want to know if the happy rabbit is stronger because the FSOG toys seem to be not very strong.

I believe @Ian_Chimp is right, the FSOG and Happy Rabbits are exactly the same motors and mechanisms just marketed differently and on the UK site you pay a bit more for the FSOG branding and styling.

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