Have I done it wrong?

Hi, I wrote my first review last weekend but it's not showing online yet. I'm guessing they get proofed first? but how long do they normally take to show up? It was for the Bondage Boutique Black Rose Collar.

I've got loads of reviews to write but don't want to do them all at once if I'm doing something wrong.


Have you linked your review to the product page?

They usually get done in 24 hrs, but take longer at weekends and holidays. I would properly expect that one submitted last weekend would be done by now.

On occasion, reviews do get lost, it would desparately unlucky to happen on your very first review, but might be worth checking with live chat help if they can find it?

Hope you managed to work out the issue?

I've been away a few days with only my phone. I'll give it another go tonight when I can get on a computer. Thanks for the tips.

Hi Wight*goddess

I am sorry to say but I have been unable to locate this review. 

Please let us know if you get an error message at all when you try again. 

Also do make sure you are logged in when submitting the review, that it is done on the product page itself and there are no characters in the review title.  By following these steps we should receive the review for proofing. 

Apologies for the loss of this review :(