Have I missed a step?

I appreciate that I am only one of what must be a large number of people hoping to be chosen to be a tester for Lovehoney products and therefore the chances of being chosen are small but I just want to be sure that I have carried out all the steps needed to become elligible. Is there any way of checking that I am on the list?

Morning! There are quite a few pinned posts and also a blog about How to become one. Sorry I don't know how to pin them but might be worth having a read of those? As far as I could tell the main points are, to keep your sex toy wishlist up to date - make sure you delete the ones that are no longer needed for testing, make sure you have live reviews and just sit and wait. I am eagerly waiting and hoping for a chance to test something aswel :)

There are a lot of people wanting to review not a lot of products. You just need to be patient, and keep writing reviews for stuff you've bought from here yourself.

I think your account says you have submitted seven reviews in total. If you have brought any more items, maybe review them as well. I think I remember something on one of the secret tester pages saying not too long ago that you needed to have eleven live reviews to be considered, though that seems a slightly random number.

Good luck.

Okey Dokey. I'll write some more reviews and hope for the best.

You haven't missed any steps. It takes time, there are thousands of members that out their name down for the sex testers list apparently. The sex tester list doesn't require a minimum number of reviews but 5 would be a good start so you're all good there. Some secret testers they ask for 10 live reviews but this is rare. Just keep applying and following the rules and it will happen at some point.

Just to be on the safe side I've been a good boy and written up some more reviews (which are pending at the moment) bringing my total up to 11.

I appreciate that the reason I haven't been chosen yet is very likely to be the huge number of volunteers and the small number of items for testing and I'm not complaining in any way. I just wanted to be sure I was in the mix.

Thanks for your replies.