Have you been caught taking photos of your sexy new clothes?

Thought this might be a fun topic.

As some might know i am having a terrible time with my girlfriend so i have been trying to cheer myself up with things, I bought myself a Latex cat mask and i love taking pictures in the house and out but it's not going to happen outside with my girlfriend at the moment wouldn't feel right.

So i thought i would go out late at night and take some pictures i found a zebra crossing thought that would be a good place as its lit up just right and no one around, I had my little tripod and my cat mask on what i didn't see was a driveway right next to the crossing just as i was setting up the camera a car drove past me thats fine i thought it will drive right past me O No it pulled into the driveway then a guy came out saying what the hell am i doing, keeping calm i just said taking some pictures for a halloween competition then i said why, the guy said he lives there, still being nice i said you dont live on the road or the zebra crossing, he didn't know what to say, I thought i better move on but then he started following me![](upload://kym5tZ5EfyJxs6TKHB1Q2HtGSpK.gif)

Cant blame him asking what i was doing as i had the mask on but i took it off straight away when he asked what i was doing.

Crikey Teacake that sounds awful. I would love to take some pictures outside in my LH clothing but yours is very much a cautionary tale. I don’t want angry men following me!

I know i don't know why he got like that, I wasn't doing anything wrong i have done lots of photos wearing masks, funny it all started with me doing a photoshoot for my daughters project, there was a funny tale with that, it was a scary mask i climbed up on a tall gate and the wires on the gate pierced through my trousers it took me ages to get down as i couldn't free myself lol

Good thing with that her phtoshoot was put up in the college gallery![](upload://ez5kOkpKXRZOxjavAURYmQxVTau.gif) that was a mix of daytime and nighttime photoshoots.

I think maybe me being on my own might of freaked out this guy![](upload://JDvwB4BqTlXmc0TRZyEqziKCrM.gif)

Maybe he thought you were eyeing up the house? Some people are way overprotective though. Personally I would love to take pictures for hubby etc. Sometimes make things a bit fun. Did have an idea for tomorrow but worried if too much or not

Cb1987 You could be right about the house, silly because where i was you cant see no driveway let alone a house. He could of never seen i had a camera either as it was ground level and he would of never seen anything as he drove past. He was the one who gave me a shock as he appeared from no where well now i know where he came from lol.

All he might of seen was a person getting ready to walk across the zebra crossing.

Alicia4Ever that's the thing he didn't see what i was wearing and i always make sure i'm not near any houses, his house was far off from the zebra crossing, i wasn't lurking around as i said he drove past me and wouldn't of known what i was doing as it would of looked like i was getting ready to cross over.

Thanks about the comment about my GF

I would understand if he saw me lurking around with a mask on but he didn't as i took it off straght away so he could see who he was talking to.

Thanks Alicia4Ever true i have had enough crap this year, wish i could start the year off again. I will be safe thanks for caring.

Hopefully things improve with GF maybe a sit down and conversation time? As it seems to be affecting you a bit. Hopefully you find somewhere else to where your items away from prying eyes

Thanks Cb1987 I'm sure she is playing mind games![](upload://auespWY2jeVe46VFziva9nry44n.gif) one minute everything seems to be moving on then the next minute she is off with me. Done the sit down already i just don't know whats going through her head.