Have You Ever?


Have you ever had a same sex threesome.

Hye tried vaginal or anal fisting


Have you ever been caught

Yes (but not anal fisting lol) by my mam
Hye had sex of any kind (bj, wank, or anything else) on a fairground ride



Have you ever secretly orgasmed on public.


Have you every bashed one out in a work break

Yes but not in my current job.

Have you ever had sex at work.

Yes also had my hair cut on same day by same girl was getting hair cut and she decided to take her top of and that’s what started the fun
H y e caught anyone giving head

No, but I’ve been caught giving hubby head :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and we carried on
HYE faked it during oral/sex


Have you ever got so horny in public You’ve cum in your pants without even touching yourself.

Not yet ha

Have you ever given oral to someone of the same sex?


Have you ever written erotic fiction?

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Yes, I enjoy writing short stories :heart_eyes:

Have you ever had sex outdoors?


Have you ever stumbled across someone else having sex outdoors

No , but if you take the word stumbled literly I create a picture in my mind . Walking through the woods looking up at birds and trip and falling on a couple coupling make me snicker a bit .
Have you accidentally been exposing a private part without knowing it , due to a clothing malfunction ? For me it was driving long distance in hot weather going commando and my wife looked over and my cock had peeked out of my shorts .

Yes but what made it worse it was my sis in law that saw it I was wondering why she was staring at me eventually she said something before she disappeared up stairs to go to the loo
HYE given an innocent massage to a friend of the opposite sex only for her to get turned on

HYE Slept with a friend woken up then looked at each other and thought “What?” Then laughed for a few minutes?

Hye given oral to a dildo

No but my wife has asked me a couple of times before she has pegged me not sure if I would do it though but I always say never say never
HYE wore you partner’s lingerie because she wanted to see you in it