Have YOU masturbated today ???

Got in from a horrible day at work a couple of hours ago and just felt the need....not horny,not wanting "proper" sex, just angry and frustrated by the day's events.

No toys, no vids,not even any of my favorite pussy lube...set the fingers going and came in no time...not great "sex" but bloody fantastic stress relief.....how did your day go (cum) ???

No replies to this thread yesterday....don't be shy, Have you done it today then ???

Never saw this thread yesterday!
I masturbated yesterday -- two vibes and some hot fantasies. Came three times.
Waiting 'til the boyfriend is home from work today -- in the mood for a good fingering from him (he's spectacular with his fingers!).

i havent for some time now, you dont get time when you've got a LO who always wants your attention, and when hes at nursery im busy doing shopping and stuff :o(

Thought it must have got hidden away !
Put this thread on yesterday afternoon because like I said I got home feeling angry and frustrated (though not sexually) just needed to let it out!!
I don't masturbate a lot by myself (honest)and when I do I pamper myself, use a generous supply of lube on my nipples and my clitty and when I feel really buzzing (not before) I insert one of my favourite vibro's.
What made yesterday different was I did'nt indulge in any foreplay, I simply fingered myself with one then two fingers to get the juices flowing then finger flicked my clitty fast and hard and came very quickly ! Like I said yesterday not great sex but god did I need it yesterday, afterwards I was relaxed and calm,did'nt need or want anything else...I was content. Told my hubby and he said I'd had a "man wank" a "tension easer",it felt very incomplete yet at the same time felt very good (understatement).

I dont often masturbate alone..mainly because you just dont get time with the kids in the house and when they go to bed me and hubby enjoy eachother almost every day so there isnt much need, more power to the people that do enjoy a bit of "me" time though.. there is nothing at all wrong with that!

Neither do I normally for much the same reasons and I don't think I can ever remember doing it like I did last Friday...but I can understand why men go for a crafty one a lot better now as this was I can honestly say the first time (though I suspect not the last) that I have masturbated for "stress relief"....beat's Anadin Extra any day!

Last night...or Today yet...anyone ???

hmmm i only see my b/f 1 or 2 weekends a month, also have a LO of 18 months BUT his nap time is MY time to do what i want!! read relax watch tv have a bath or play with my toys, also i find going to bed early lol and listening to my fav cds offers a lil me time

Is that a YES or a NO ???

Did last night/this morning (before I went to bed about 3am). I had a new toy to try out.

wo0t lol...I did the other day.. the first time in ages... hubby came in though so i wasnt alone for long ^^

Today at work...Wife back 2moro, after two weeks.Me so horny.

lol to clarify for lesleys lol thats a YES to most days lol

Wanking at work Kunilingus ??

I locked myself in the staff toilet(newly refurbished) stripped naked.. It was sooooooooooo good. Lmho

Good on Yer !

:O nakie at work you naughty man :P
I would just like to add my man found it very sexy to find "doing myself" as he put it lol.

Laynie, its a big thrill watching my wife doing herself. All you ladies on this thread, do it for your man. Wife is back, lots of eating pussy....

Works everytime does'nt it especially when you start a few minutes before he enters the room...oooppps you've caught me!