Having fun while TTC

Hello! My husband and I are trying to conceive, but want to make sure we have fun too! He's been having trouble performing, probably due to pressure and is now just paranoid he won't make it good or keep going for very long.

I've obviously said there's no pressure and we need to make sure he's ok and happy first and foremost!

Any ideas? We have a cockring but I'm worried about trying it incase it turns him off and it affects him more!
Thank you 😀

Hello, best way to is to communicate. Introduce it gently and see what he thinks, outside of the bedroom. In the heat of the moment, he may do it just to please you, and it possibly end up being a hot mess.

also have a looky in the better sex for him section


good luck!


Thanks! Will take a look and keep trying 😉

TTC sex really does increase the pressure of performance especially when you have been trying for a while.

My advice would be to just ask him. Ask if there is anything he would like to try. It could be a cock ring, there are sooooo many available that range from teeny tiny non threatening to big bad ass vibrating monsters. Which kind do you have? There is delay sprays and creams but they *may* cause the wrong effect by too much numbing.

Maybe try having a short break from conception being the target to just having some sexy fun to try and take the pressure off? I don't know your circumstances our how frequently you try, but if he's getting tense and nervous I would say getting him relaxed again can only help.

We didn't do anything in particular whilst TTC, we just agreed to stop using contraception and have sex whenever we felt like it. Obviously the thought of creating a baby was always in the back of our minds, but it was never like we were doing it solely for that reason and I stopped tracking my cycle too, which helped.

It's cliche advice which everybody tells you, but I think it worked well for us. Good luck & have fun 😊

I found it a nightmare TTC with our first. sex purely became a functional activity. Little enjoyment. TTC with 2nd child was far more relaxed although a little bit of a disappointment as obvs anal was off limits . My advice would be to relax and try to ensure sex remains for enjoyment