Heart or Arse

Closer To The Arse-Rush

Itā€™s A Arseacheā€¦Bonnie Tyler

Shot Through The Arse-Bon Jovi

Letā€™s Arse Togetherā€¦Bryan Ferry

If My Arse Was A Ball, It Would Roll Uphill-Marillion

Burning Arseā€¦Survivor

Two Arses-Phil Collins

Fat Arsed Girlsā€¦Queen

Take my Arse-Kool and the gang

The Arse Always Shines On TVā€¦A-Ha

Hand On Arse-Queensryche

I Wanna Be Your Arseā€¦Prince

Frozen Arse-FM

Owner Of A Lonely Arseā€¦Yes