Shy newbie in the house. Mis 20's, London. Just popped my love honey cherry :)

Mid 20's... Mis 20's sounds like I've won a pagent lol

Morning PamBeesly welcome to the forum.

I'm sure like everyone else you will find lots of people here who will welcome you with open arms (or other parts of the anatomy) just beware these foums are addictive.

If you are wondering about posing a question onthe boards check it out through the search function first there may be a thread on the topic already but we are always willing to put in out tuppenceworth.

Have fun


Morning Pam

Welcome to OA, put your feet up, its great here!


Yep welcome Pam.


Hullo and welcome hope you enjoy it here

Thank yooou. I'm already back for more :)

welcome pam

yes it is addictive on here, so be warned lol

Hi, welcome to the forums :)

hello there enjoy the fun

Its definately addictive!


Welcome to the LH community, hope to see you arounf the forum ^_^

x x x

You're all so lovely. I got my delivery in today, I wish I'd ordered other things, but so far I am pleased :)

Welcome to the club Pam....so what was your order?! Anything interesting or do u want to keep that to yourself? x