Hello Lhers....again.

Not been anywhere this site for a while for many reasons,number one being me and my husband split in October last year and i had to get past the saddness and such.

Plus i have just got to the stage where 90% of all my toys have gone in the bin,no more sensory memories form touching them..not that i have used them in the past year......yeah a year! we went 6months with nothing.should have guesed he was cheating then but nvm,so I need to restock...when i have the cash.

Although if anyone wants to buy me something to cheer me up they can (joking by the way)

sorry to hear about you and your husband, im sure you will find loads of fun stuff and great people to chat to on here x

Thanks and yeah finding the fun stuff is the easy part,finding the money thats the tricky part,lol.

Hello, welcome back.

Sorry to hear about your split - I'm sure everything will work out for the best in the end though.

i know the feeling, you do get some nice guys buy you stuff but i swap them buying me underwear for a few pics of me in it x

welcome back, sorry to hear that, still not all us men are unfathful. Still with my buterfull wife after 17 years, still lover her lots.

I'm really sorry to hear about your split *hugs* and wish you the best of luck with restocking! Welcome back to the forums! :)

Helllllo there welcome back from your friendly resident turtle

What doesnt break you makes you stronger...chin up and save up- new toys always put a smile on my face! xx

thank you everyone.I'm glad to be back and my piggy back already has two whole pence in it! lol.