Hello All,can anyone Help Please?

Hello All, for a change its Mrs Rimmer57 here on the Keypad.

I was wondering if anyone has any advise and tips on Electra Stim please.

We were at an A lternative Fair at the weekend and we passed a stall selling Electa Stim equipment, and it got me very curious. We had a talk with the sellers on the do's and dont' sand tried a couple of the wands on different settings and enjoyed the new sensation that we purchased a begginners wand. We used the wand in our play over the passed couple of days and it has added a new dimension to our sessions, the sensations have been somewhat mind blowing especially on some of the more sensative regions.

So now we are talking about upgrading to more sophisticated equipment and accessories, so does anyone have any advise and tips on this subject please.

Looking forward to your comments



I'd recommend you start with something like the ElectraStim EM60-E Flick unit. It's the starting point for most of their electrodes, and will allow you to pick and choose which electrodes appeal to you. The unit comes with self-adhesive pads, so you can have some fun straight out of the box too. Then you can just expand your collection with new electrodes as and when you wish.

Always buy reputable electro-sex products, from a reputable brand like ElectraStim, E-Stim Systems, Mystim etc, because it's not worth gambling with cheaper, less regulated brands.

Thank you Foxxy for the imput x