Hello all you randy buggers :)

Well hello there you (hopefully) lovely bunch!

I'm a 20 year old female student from the UK. Having discovered LoveHoney a few months ago, and made a number of delightful purchases since, I've finally plucked up the courage to join the forum! I'm looking forward to posting a bit here and there.

So, all I'm really saying is... HELLO! *waves enthusiastically* :)

Hey nice to see you on here : ) and we are not that scary lol everyone i have spoken to is really friendly and have great stories and advice. I look forward to reading some of your threads hope you enjoy LH


Why hello!

I too am one of these students you speak of! What are you studying?

Are you also going to tell us about your purchases? Anything interesting? (if it's not don't bother telling)

Here is also the forum rules, have a little browse of the forum and rules and see you around :


Hello & welcome to the forums! we have a lot in common, both being 20 and students! Hope to see you around a lot xx

hello and welcome!

Welcome Nookie we look forward to your feedback.

Who are you calling randy buggers??!!? ohh right yes us lot. Fair enough


Hello Nookie and welcome to the forums! Another student to welcome to the fold - there's a lot of us!


Loves huni wrote:

hiyaa :D *waves and smiles not too creepily back*

were all lovely here :) hope you enjoy the forums x

Thanks for your kind welcome :) I just wanted to say that your photos are fantastic! If it isn't too intrusive, I'd be interested to know if you take them yourself? Or does your OH take them for you? Or someone more professional? (some of them look very professional indeed). I've recently started to experiment with taking similar photos for my boyfriend, and would love to know how you achieve such gorgeous results! I was going to ask you in a PM, but couldn't work out how to, or if this site enables you to do that. I'm such a newbie! hehe.

To PM add people as friends and wait for them to accept. People have discussed photos before so there are plenty of tips out there if you search.Good luck

Hi! Welcome to the forums! Have fun xxx

hello and welcome x

Welcome to the forums. Hope to see you around. x

Hey Nookie, welcome along! xxx

Hi Nookie welcolm to the hot house

Hey Nookie welcome to the army.................hope you have fun!!!

Hi Nookie, welcome to the OA xx

Hello and welcome, its not too scary round here

Hi Nookie welcome to the Orgasm Army! What did you buy if you dont mind me asking?


hello and welcome x ;-)