Hello everyone

Hi, recently joined and enjoying the reviews and views of others. Bi married man , living in East Manchester Odd marriage that I’ve ended up in. Basically- stopped having sex with my wife as she wasn’t interested in the things I wanted- list as follows Doesn’t like 69, going down on me, no anal play -even just a finger in there, doesn’t enjoy me rimming her, won’t dress up for me- even stocking... only likes toys on her - nothing given.. I also like to dress myself-when in the mood/like the idea of a bit of femdom( we can dream ) So I decided life is too short for a crap sex life sndvtime to enjoy myself with women, men and couples- it may sound odd but that’s life as the song goes. Please don’t judge., but we all need sex and all need the attention and excitement of it.. so if you have any advice or recommendations- please let me know Thanks for reading


Hello and welcome. 🙂

Hi and welcome to the forums.

Hi and welcome:)

Hi and welcome to the forums xx

Hello and Welcome😀