Hello I'm new.

New member saying hello. New to the sex toys world and looking to learn and hopefully improve me and my wife's sex life. So hello everyone.

Hi welcome aboard :) xx

Hiya, and welcome

Hello =D I'm sure it will be improved in no time thanks to lovehoney.. They really have something for everyone and there is so much great advice on the forum x

Hi NCB - Wecome to the forums - hope you have fun :)

When you get a free moment - check out the link below for the forum rules:


Hello, welcome :)

Hi and welcome

hi & welcome

heya !

ello there, welcome to you and your wife

Hello and welcome! =)

Welcome to the forums =)

Hello NCB. Welcome and enjoy.

Hiya, hope you enjoy it on here x

How do you post a new topic on here

Kentchris1980 wrote:

How do you post a new topic on here

Go into the sub forum it is relevant to along the left hand side, lingerie, sex toys, off topic etc.

then at the top of the list of threads it will say start a new thread. Xx

Miss char you are great
Thanks for your help

No worries :) took me a while to find too xx

Mind you I still can't find it
I'm on my mobile at the minis that why

Oh yeah I don't know how to do it on a mobile haha but it's possible I'm pretty sure! Xx