Hello :)

Hey people,

Just wanted to introduce myself :)

A friend recommended this website to me and I must say I really like it! Everyone seems really friendly and helpful. I'm sure I will have a good time here.


hello Zelda , question are you a prisoner ? lol

Lol, no why?

Oh is it because I said I will enjoy my time here?

God, I can be thick sometimes, haha!

I actually forgot to tell a bit more about myself.. Well, here goes: I'm a 20 year old university student originally from the Netherlands, (or Holland as everyone seems to call it) and I love: science, film, documentaries and lots of other geeky stuff like computer games and geeky guys and girls :P

I do some normal girlie stuff aswell like going out with my friends and party! Going to the beach to enjoy sunshine and horse riding!

Also into experimenting and learning about sex, since I discovered that I'm quite sexual and can't seem to talk/think or act like sex :)

Don't have much else to say at the moment..

Welcome to the mad LoveHoney family Zelda!

Have fun!! *hugs*